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Chart & Stethoscope

One Platform.
Endless Benefits

The Medical Device Operational Platform.

With MDOP you can manage all your medical devices, maximize efficiency  and improve business outcomes.


What We Do

What we do

MDOP stands for Medical Device Operational Platform. Our goal is to connect all medical device stakeholders (manufacturers, operators, doctors etc.) via one easy-to-use, secure and reliable device management platformMedical devices are indispensable to hospitals and considering the multitude of medical equipment manufacturers, hospitals are still facing a problem when it comes to administrating all of their devices in an optimal and centralised way.

With the help of NFC tags and QR technology, MDOP identifies and connects the medical equipment into a vendor-independent platform. Using these technologies as a starting point, our target is to improve healthcare by creating a common ground for small to medium-sized manufacturers and hospital employees. 

It all starts with the devices we use. Welcome on board! 

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Our Story

Our team shares  a common passion for improving healthcare through technology!

We come from different backgrounds and have a vast experience in fields such as Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering and more.

Our international team is ready to make MDOP your next priority, by focusing all of our expertise in Software Design, AI and Data Analytics to develop the best personalised solution for you and your company!

We are excited to be the success story behind better, more digitalised healthcare!

Our Story

Meet the Team

For more information, LinkedIn profiles are accessible via team member's profile image.


Alexandra Retevoi

Biomedical Computing, Data Science, Business Intelligence


Dr. Stephan Doerfler

Strategy & Innovation, Business Development, Project Management


Navid Mirnouri

Web Development, Embedded Systems,


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Asli Ergin

Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Computing, Design Thinking


Prof. Dr. Oliver Hayden

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Advisory Board Member

Meet the Team
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Where to find us!


(16-17 November 2021)


Digital Health Summit Munich

(10-12 November 2021)


Top 20 Pitch Deck!

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